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To get started, we will need your Bill of Materials, Gerber Data, XY Data, and any other documents you think we might find helpful (ODB++, Assembly Drawings, Fab Drawings, etc.)

After uploading your files please fill out the form below to give us all of the other information we require. If you've included this information in your project files then you can skip this form.

If you have any questions about what type of information we need, feel free to visit our Documentation page.


Contact Information
Purchasing Contact *
Purchasing Contact
Technical Contact
Technical Contact
If there are technical questions, who should we contact? (part cross references, design flaws, DFM feedback, etc.) Leave blank if same as Purchasing Contact.
Order Requirements
What is the name and/or part number of your assembly
What is the revision of your assembly. Revision control is very important to us.
How many business days will you need this fulfilled in after placing your order. This is the total lead-time including the acquisition of PCB's, materials, and assembly. This does not including transit time from us to you.
Shipping charges will not be included in the quote but will be billed separately.
Assembly Information
Solder Alloy
All boards we assemble use lead-free (RoHS) solder. In very rare circumstances we allow customers to request leaded solder alloys. Please let us know if this is a requirement.
All boards we assemble use a no-clean flux soldering process. The flux is nearly invisible and aesthetically pleasing.
Does your assembly require any hardware assembly such as nuts/bolts/heatsinks, etc? If so please provide further details.
Conformal Coating
Does your design require conformal coating? If so, we will need to know what components and areas of the PCB must be masked off before coating. You can provide this information after submitting this form.
PCB Information
Does your design require a specific surface finish? If not, please allow us to use the default surface finish (ENIG).
Specify your custom stackup in this text box. If you have a custom stackup in your gerber files simply leave this field blank.
Do you have requirements for a routed edge anywhere? Please explain that here otherwise we will use our own best practices (v-score and/or tab-routed)
Do any vias require filling or plating? If so please specify which ones by specifying their hole and pad size.
If your PCB contains cutouts please specify where. If this information is clear in your gerber data, please leave this field blank.
Does the design have an via-in-pads? If so please specify where.
Does your design have any blind/buried vias? If so please specify which layer sets they exist in. For example if the via is connected from L1 to L3 then just say "L1-L3" or if it's connected from L2 to L4 then just say "L2-L4".
Does your design have any impedance control requirements? If so please specify that information here.
Does your design have any castellated edges? If so, please specify where.
Firmware Programming (200 piece minimum) *
Do you require firmware programming? If so, please specify which reference designator needs to be programmed and then include your hex file with your attachments after you submit this form.
Functional Testing (200 piece minimum) *
Does your assembly require functional testing after assembly? If so, we will need you to supply a functional test fixture and detailed instructions on how it is to be used.
Please specify anything else you feel we should know about your assembly here.
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